Rosacea is a long-term skin condition that results in redness, swelling, spots, and superficial dilated blood vessels. The symptoms of Rosacea can cause a significant psychological impact to those with the condition, affecting confidence and self-esteem.

ZO Medical Rosacea products have been expertly designed in order to effectively target the causes that can trigger Rosacea symptoms, calming, soothing, and stabilizing the skin.

Using powerful, medical grade ingredients, these ZO Medical Rosacea products are only available through an approved physician and you will require a full consultation to ensure that your skincare treatment plan is fully optimised for your unique needs.

Key active ingredients include: lactose milk protein and brassica oleracea italic extract to help minimize the appearance of redness; beta-glucan, which sooths and reduces the appearance of skin redness; and antioxidants to help prevent future skin damage.