fuller lips, ready for valentine's day

5 Easy Tricks to Get Fuller Lips Without Injections

Valentine’s Day is on the horizon, but are your lips ready to pucker up?

There aren’t any non-invasive permanent solutions for fuller lips, but these little tricks can help you get your prettiest pout for Valentine’s Day:

Smooth things out

Dry, flaky lips look smaller (and less kissable) because they don’t reflect light. The easiest way to get rid of the flakes is to exfoliate your lips with a gentle toothbrush.

fuller lips, lips exfoliation

The smoother your lips are, the more light they reflect, making them look thicker and more defined. Bonus point – the circular motions and the pressure, you apply while scrubbing, will improve your circulation and add a dash of natural pink to your lips.

Give your lips a drink

The key to the perfect pout is hydration, hydration, hydration! You would be surprised to find out how much fuller your lips will look if you add a powerful hydrator to your daily routine.

Liprebuild zo medical, fuller lips, lips hydration

Soothe dry, sore and chapped lips with Liprebuild. After just a few applications, its clinically proven, moisture-recycling technology will restore and plump your lips. Liprebuild is packed with plant stem cell antioxidants and vitamins to defend your lips from the drying effects of sunlight and pollutants.

Even it out

Before you uncap the red lipstick, prime your lips with foundation or a concealer.

fuller lips, lips foundation

A layer of foundation will give them a smoother finish and keep your lipstick intact all evening. Spread the foundation a little over your upper lip to create a larger canvas.

Fill and define

Nothing is going to help you emulate the Kylie Jenner pout more than a lip liner.

fuller lips, lip liner

Choose one that is one or two shades darker than your natural lip colour, then outline and fill in your entire lips. When doing the contour, trace the liner slightly outside your natural lip line to avoid the clown look.

Shimmer and sparkle

Dark shades may be super trendy, but dark lipstick will flatten the appearance of your mouth and make your lips look thinner.

fuller lips, pink lip stick, shimmery gloss

Instead, try a shimmery lip gloss in rosy shades; the sparkles will illuminate your lips and add dimension to your pout.