Dr Fareeha

Dr Fareeha Faisal

Dr Fareeha Faisal is an Associate Specialist in Dermatology, based in Lancaster. She is also Honorary Chairperson of the University of Central Lancashire Dermatology Society, a Staff Associate Specialist and Specialty Doctors representative and a SAS committee member in the British Association of Dermatologists.

Dr Faisal has been working as an aesthetician for over three years. She has completed Level 7 Injectables training at Harley Academy London and was consequently appointed as a Clinical and Dermatology Trainer there.

Fareeha is the founder of CEO of Skinzo Ltd. She has teamed up with former squash world number one Laura Massaro to create Skinzo’s Squash – a platform dedicated to skin health, leadership, and sports. Dr Faisal is also the founder of Skinzo Golf, launched in collaboration with Lancashire Golf Club, to raise awareness of skin health in young athletes.

She was appointed as a ZO Skin Health UK KOL and trainer where she applies her passion for teaching and vast clinical experience to help physicians bring the most innovative skincare solutions to their patients.

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