Offering gentle, exfoliating effect, scrubs are invaluable addition to any skincare regime.

As well as removing dead skin to reveal a smoother texture and a healthy glow, a high medical-grade scrub can also stimulate healthy circulation, restore the skin’s normal pH balance, and enhance the penetration of active ingredients to boost the performance of other products and treatments.

Applied to the skin after cleansing, our high performance medical scrubs should be gently massaged into damp skin in a circular motion, before rinsing thoroughly. Use at least twice a week for optimum results.

All of our ZO Medical Scrubs have been expertly developed using powerful, pharmaceutical ingredients, including ultra-fine, round magnesium crystals for the at-home benefits of microdermabrasion, and a combination of vitamins C, A, and E that deliver antioxidant protection for glowing skin.

Our Medical Scrubs also contain Z-RRS2 and ZOX12 to minimise inflammation and protect against free radical damage.

As ZO Medical Scrubs use the most powerful ingredients and prescription pharmaceuticals, they are only available on a consultation basis, ensuring everyone receives the correct product for their skin type and skincare goals.