When it comes to sun damage, protection is always better than cure.

We offer a range of solutions that actively protect against UVA/UVB sun damage in order to help reduce the visible signs of aging. And it’s not just natural light that can cause skin problems, the HEV light generated by artificial light sources such as computers, digital devices, fluorescent lights, and LED sources, can also damage the skin.

ZO Medical Sun Protection products not only provide sun protection, but they have also been expertly developed in order to sooth the skin, minimise inflammation, restore hydration, and replenish lipids to support healthy skin barrier function.

All of our products contain powerful pharmaceutical ingredients, including fractioned melanin, bisabolol, rosemary leaf extract, titanium dioxide, and beta-gluten. Thanks to ZOX12, our Medical Sun Protection Products also protect against free-radical damage and the harmful effects of IR-A rays.