Sensitive Skin Misconceptions

Moisturisers are popular products, especially among women. More than 90 percent of the population seek a program that offers moisturisation for a temporary feeling of skin smoothness.  sensitive skin

Moisturisers and Sensitive Skin

Moisturisers can only offer momentary relief for symptoms such as irritation, roughness or itching. The improved surface texture through artificial smoothing or plumping of the skin is fleeting and a superficial improvement. The truth is that these products are ineffective and lack any real benefit.While the occasional use of hydrators when absolutely necessary is acceptable, to depend upon them for hydration and calm skin on a daily basis is wrong. What’s more, repeatedly using moisturisers has a remarkably negative impact on your skin, making it weaker and drier. It is detrimental to skin cellular functions, arresting the skin’s ability to renew itself, leading to the appearance of ‘sensitive skin’ and an acceleration of skin ageing.

sensitive skinCompanies Fuelling The Sensitive Skin Market

Companies within the cosmetic industry are in constant competition to try and outdo one another. They produce a wide variety of moisturisers (plain, light, heavy, with or without anti-ageing claims, etc.) to appeal to everyone. Many consumers assume that any product that causes burning, exfoliation or redness is bad for the skin. While moisturisers are marketed as ‘gentle’, ‘non-irritating’, ‘soothing’, etc., to appeal to all.  Due to this general intolerance to skin discomfort and the belief (and fear) that any form of irritation is bad, many believe they have sensitive skin. This ‘sensitive skin’ trend, has provided a new market for companies to create and sell products that contain stronger moisturisers, which can actually make skin more sensitive.

sensitive skinSensitive Skin in Women

You will notice that the emergence of ‘sensitive skin’ is mainly seen in women. Men and children commonly do not use moisturisers, while women are often taught to use moisturisers from their teenage years. As a result, their skin becomes addicted to this product and brings a whole host of other issues with it.

Overall, skin sensitivity is not really a sensitivity disorder. A sensitivity disorder can be seen with certain cases of genuine skin dryness (not dehydrated skin) or genetic disorders. In fact, ‘sensitive skin’ could more accurately be labelled a skin weakness or intolerance.

Expired Cosmetics: When Should You Bin Your Beauty Products?

cosmetic productsExpired cosmetic products come with a host of problems. It is not just that they begin to break down, become gloopy, change colour or smell funny, it actually also means that they likely harbour bacteria. If you use expired beauty products this could likely result in irritating the skin or worse causing an infection. Consequently, it is very important for you to regularly replace all your cosmetic items.

Unfortunately, beauty products are not legally required to have an expiration date on them. Nonetheless, most products do tell you how long the item can be used for and this is referred to as The Period After Opening or ‘PAO’. The PAO is usually symbolised by a jar with a number followed by the letter ‘M’ which indicates the number of months the product can be used for, once the product has been opened. This does, however, mean that you need to keep track of when you open any new product.

NOTE: It does not matter if you only opened or used the product a few times. Once the seal has been broken the PAO applies and you must throw away and replace the product, even if it has not been entirely used up.  

The general guidelines for the lifespan of makeup and skincare are as follows:


Expires After…


1 year


6 months to 1 year

BHA or AHA Exfoliants

1 year

Facial/Body Moisturizers

6 months to 1 year


6 months to 1 year

Lip Balms

1 year

Sample Packets

1 day ONLY


4 months


1 Year


12-18 months


18 months


18 months

Cream blush

12-18 months


18 months

Eyeliner Pencil

18 months

Liquid Eyeliner

6 months

Lipstick/Lip Gloss

18 months

Lip Liner

1 year

Nail Varnish

1 year

Makeup Sponges

After a month.