Fact vs Fiction: Cellulite

Cellulite may be a very common skin condition, but there’s also a lot of misinformation about it. Learn the true cellulite facts about what it is, what causes it, and how to get rid of it below.

cellulite facts vs fiction

Cellulite Facts vs Fiction

  • Cellulite is fat: Fiction 

It’s not actually fat but rather the dimples and bumps that are seen when fat is divided into tiny pockets in the skin.

  • Cellulite is more common in women: Fact

Unfortunately, this one is true. Women’s skin is designed in a way that allows for dimpling and bumps to occur whereas men’s fat compartments are much small and thus spreading isn’t as common.

  • If you’re thin, you can’t get cellulite: Fiction 

No matter what weight you are, you can still be a victim of cellulite. Whilst body fat and exercise can definitely have an affect on cellulite, this condition can also be hereditary, caused by hormonal imbalance or even inflammation in the skin.

  • Only cardio works on cellulite: Fiction 

Cardio can help keep weight off, which may reduce the appearance of cellulite but to really smooth out the skin, strength training is ideal. Building muscle and toning your body helps to truly treat cellulite.

  • Cellulite worsens with age: Fact 

As you age, your body produces less oestrogen, meaning circulation in the body does not flow as easily. In addition collagen production slows down as well as the breakdown of older connective tissue. All these factors play a part in increasing the chances and appearance of cellulite.

  • There’s nothing you can do to get rid of cellulite: Fiction 

Exercise, exfoliation and stimulating the skin all can make a difference in smoothing out your skin. What’s more ZO’s Cellulite Control Creme is a groundbreaking new treatment that delivers an instant firming effect to visibly improve the texture and appearance of cellulite.

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