Acne Breakouts : The Daily Habits Which Are Behind Your Blemishes

Acne breakouts have a number of contributing factors, some which are easier than others to avoid. There are many everyday habits which you may not even realise are helping to spread bacteria and irritate the skin triggering those unwanted blemishes. We take a closer look at the most common, and sometimes surprising habits which can lead to acne breakouts.

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Eat Clean

The old saying “you are what you eat” has some truth to it. If your diet is high in fried, sugary and processed foods it is going to show up on your skin! There are many superfoods which can be included in your diet to combat breakouts and improve skin health.

Check out our skin superfoods guide.

No Touching!

This one is something most of us do without even a second thought! Just take a moment to think how many surfaces or objects your hands have touched before they’ve reached your face! All of this dirt and debris is being transferred straight into your pores. If you really do need to touch your face, always make sure you’ve washed your hands first just to play it safe.

Dirty Brushes

One of the most common causes of acne breakouts is make up brushes or applicators which aren’t cleaned regularly. If you’re guilty of this, all you’re doing is transferring dirt, bacteria and old makeup onto your clean face every day. So as tedious a task as it can sometimes feel, make sure you keep those brushes clean, your skin will thank you for it!

Mobile Addict

If you are someone who constantly has their mobile phone glued to their ear, you might want to hear this. Think about the surfaces you put your phone on as you go through the day, or if your hands have been clean every time you’ve touched your mobile. Not a pleasant thought is it?! Make sure you wipe your phone screen at least once a week! Ideally make this a daily task if you can.

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Incorrect Skincare

Sometimes it’s easy to buy into a friend’s recommendation of their own great skincare regime, but don’t! The needs of each individuals skin vary widely. Be sure to visit a specialist to find what will the best options for you and the unique needs of your skin are.

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Don’t Sweat About It

One of the most important things you can do post-workout is clean your face! Even if you don’t have time to shower immediately, make sure you remove the sweat and bacteria from your face before it gets a chance to creep into your pores and cause an acne breakout!

If you haven’t managed to avoid Post-Workout acne, here’s some treatment advice

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Adult Acne vs. Teen Acne

As a teen, you’re always told that your acne is something hormonal, that it will clear up with time. However, for some, that’s unfortunately not the case. You find yourself battling acne flares up into your twenties and thirties. But adult acne is more common than you think, so you’re not alone.

To treat adult acne effectively, it’s important to know the differences between getting acne as a teen versus as an adult.

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Teen Acne vs. Adult Acne

Teenage acne is caused by active oil glands and excess oil production. Whereas adult acne is due to cell turnover slowing down as we age. As a result, the oil builds up, creates blockages with dead skin cell and causes inflammation, cystic acne and blemishes.

Teenage acne tends to show up all over the face, and back, chest and shoulders. Whilst, those with adult acne will notice it more commonly appears on the lower part of the face, chin and jawline.


So, for teenage acne, the skin needs a more aggressive treatment to clear up excess oil production and reduce the presence of acne bacteria.

Whilst, adult skin is much more fragile and sensitive, so tends to dry out more quickly. This means that the best treatment for adult acne is a more gentle and tolerable treatment.

Fortunately, the ZO® Skin Health and ZO® Medical ranges offer formulations that are suited to treat all types of acne for women and men of all ages.

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