Suffer from acne? Change up your skincare regime with ZO Skin Health!

Whether it’s a few red spots, pustules, or in more serious cases painful lesions; to some extent acne can be a problem for around 99% of the world’s population at some stage in their lives. Combatting acne can be troublesome enough, but getting rid of the tell-tale scars afterwards can also become an issue for many. This might be in the form of pigmentation, or worse still- pitted scarring and can really cause a person to lose their self-confidence.


Whilst chemical peels, microdermabrasion and skin rejuvenating lasers go a long way in transforming the skin for the better, your skincare regime can greatly improve the condition of your skin is also something which can go hand in hand with any aesthetic treatments you may be having.


Is exfoliating currently a part of your beauty regime? If not, it should be!  This action encourages natural protein production in the upper layer of the dermis, increases oxygen flow and encourages enzyme protein production in the deepest layers of skin which triggers self-repair. Exfoliating Polish from the ZO Skin Health range is the product you need.  It uses ultra-fine magnesium crystals to slough away dead skin cells and reveal healthy, glowing skin.


Most of us will use a cleanser of some description as it removes any remaining makeup or debris from the day.  But with so many brands to choose from on the market, how can you be sure that yours is actually doing a good job? Oilacleanse from ZO Medical is a fantastic cleanser you can really feel working- it exfoliates and cleanses targeting excess oil which is enemy number one as far as skin is concerned.


To nourish the skin and aid scar healing, you will need to add skincare products which include the ingredients Vitamin A and Retinol.  Something like Offects Renewal Creme from ZO Skin Health is a good choice as it contains retinol, powerful antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents to replenish and repair the skin.


Do you suffer from acne or acne-scarring? As well as providing a wide range of aesthetic treatments to help combat this, at Juvea Aesthetics we are proud stockists of the full ZO Skin Health and ZO Medical ranges:


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