skin rejuvenation

Redefining Skin Rejuvenation with Dr Zein Obagi

skin rejuvenation
The Rise in Skin Rejuvenation

The popularity of skin rejuvenation procedures has increased drastically over the past decade. The access patients have via the media and the internet has undeniably had an influence. It has allowed them to become better informed and educated on all the different treatments that can be offered. Furthermore, more practitioners are now offering skin rejuvenation procedures of varying degrees in clinics, salons, spas and even on the High Street.

However, it could be disputed that this wide-spread information has resulted in patients becoming overloaded and overwhelmed with information, leaving them unsure where to start or what treatment to choose for the most effective result. Dr. Zein Obagi explains that in fact, genuine skin rejuvenation cannot work with just one type of procedure or a single topical treatment. Rather, that one should have a collective approach and create a treatment plan.

The Optimal Skin Rejuvenation Plan

Practitioners should design a treatment plan with both short and long-term goals, formulating a topical protocol and overall strategy that is suitable for each patient’s needs. Patients should be made aware of the overall plan and be informed on the reasoning behind each step.

The main objective should be returning the skin to its original state. This can be achieved through the use of topical agents to restore general skin health as well as for the treatment of existing skin conditions (i.e. acne, rosacea, hyperpigmentation) when they are present. Procedures such as lasers, energy-based devices, chemical peels, fillers, and/or neurotoxins should be included when topical agents alone cannot completely repair and return the skin to its original state.

Once the skin has been restored, practitioners need to then design a bespoke protocol and treatment plan to ensure the maintenance if the patient’s skin health.

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