Rebecca Newman’s ZO Skin Health Journey – Week 1

I’m in my early 30s, I’ve two small children and less sleep than ever. It shows.


Rather than go gently into the dark, wrinkled years, I went to facialist Kate Kerr to ask her advice: I’ve been a beauty journalist on and off for a decade, and Kate is fantastic.

Our conclusion? She recommended I visit Dr. Sam Van Eeden, an acclaimed skin doctor who is qualified to prescribe ZO Medical skin care. Kate and most of London’s best aestheticians work with ZO, a brand that has been around since 2007 but Dr. Zein Obagi, the man behind the brand, has founded ranges since the 70s and continues to develop cutting edge solutions.

The consultation with Van Eeden was riveting and turned much-received skin wisdom on its head. What I took away:

  • Putting too much moisturiser on the skin confuses it, and actually turns down the skin’s natural hydration mechanisms
  • If we use appropriate processes to boost the skin’s natural processes and use retinols strong enough to kickstart regeneration, we end up with skin that is tremendously softer smoother and more healthy
  • Which means we can really work to slow down ageing
  • Uniquely ZO also works to make skin resilient – to wind damage, pollution etc

Reader, I signed up.

ZO Medical

**I paid full whack to see Dr. Van Eeden and for his prescription products.