Rebecca Newman’s ZO Journey – Week 5: Natural Moisturising Factors

natural moisturising factors

This week I wanted to unpack what Dr van Eeden told me about how ZO products bring back the skin’s ability to keep itself hydrated with its natural moisturising factors (why Dr. Obagi believes we should all step away from the moisturiser bottle).

Our skin is rich with natural moisturising factors

These are highly effective humectants: molecules which draw water from the atmosphere into the outer layers of skin. They become less effective as they age and reach the top levels of skin – so maintaining the correct program of exfoliation will be beneficial.

In our deeper layers of skin are aquaporins

The discovery of aquaporins was awarded a Nobel Prize in 1993 – we’ve known about them a while and yet very few skin brands mention them. Aquaporins are a bit like reservoirs: they keep the water level in the dermis stable BUT if you keep putting moisturiser on top, then they believe that they must help the skin to balance by terminating their hydration process

Glyco Amino Glycans

Located on the surface of our cells, these are a kind of highly efficient, naturally occurring Hyaluronic Acid. As long as our skin is healthy, we remove the sebum, wash off external pollutants and nourish it (especially if we aren’t eating diets full of antioxidants if we are stressed etc) – as long as the skincare regime gives support, our skin should not need hydration. Let alone skin oils. But that is another story altogether.

P.S. to make a change I attach a flaky pic and one with makeup for an evening party: next week I will rise to the challenge of a seriously smart lunch time party (i.e. close up conversations with supermodels!)