Protect your skin during flu season

It’s that time of year, where the flu seems to be going around everywhere. As much as you can try to prevent it by keeping hands clean, using anti-bacterial products and getting a flu-shot, there’s still a chance to get sick.

As well as making you feel achy, feverish and congested, the flu can wreak havoc on your skin. Illness can make your skin dry, irritated, with puffy eyes and a higher risk of cold sores and other skin issues.

So how can we look after our skin when we’re sick? We’ve put together our top tips to protect your skin as best as possible while you’re under the weather.

Wash your hands.

Keeping your hands clean during flu season is essential in staving off the virus, but over washing can also lead to dry skin on your hands. Use a moisturising cleanser to keep your hands clean, and use a hand cream after each wash to avoid dryness.

Stay Hydrated

Drinking plenty of water is essential when you’re feeling ill, as it helps your body stay hydrated. This also gives a bonus to your skin, as it hydrates from within, and prevents cracked skin around the nose and mouth.

Cold Showers

While you might want to crank the heat up in the shower, subjecting your skin to long hot showers strips it of essential oils. This can lead to dry, irritated skin. We recommend lukewarm temperature for 10 minutes or less while you recover.

Blowing your nose

Constantly having to blow your nose can make your nose red, dry and irritated. Try to avoid scented tissues, as these can irritate the skin even more. Better yet, use tissues enhanced with hydrating ingredients, such as aloe vera.

Put down the exfoliant!

While you’re sick, your skin is more susceptible to dryness. To avoid making this worse, take a break from harsh exfoliants and irritating skincare ingredients such as acids, retinol or scrubs, and instead switch to a gentle routine with hydrating ingredients.