julie scott

Julie Scott

Julie Scott has over 25 years of experience in the field of plastic surgery and skin rejuvenation. Julie is an Independent Nurse Prescriber, an advanced botulinum toxin practitioner, a member of BACN, JCCP, Save Face, The Acne & Rosacea Association UK, and The International Menopause Society.

After several years of working as a plastic and reconstructive nurse at leading NHS hospitals, Julie was appointed the Clinical Nurse Specialist for a renowned group of London plastic surgeons.

Julie has served as a Clinical Director of Facial Aesthetics, a CQC-registered medical aesthetics clinic, since 2003. The clinic provides a wide range of dermatological treatments and innovative therapeutic techniques. Julie has a strong passion for skin health and accentuates the importance of maintenance and prevention protocols to achieve maximum results for all patients.

In the own words: “I have been a personal user ZO Skin Health for a number of years and I am a total advocate of the therapeutic restorative action of the skincare programmes. I am excited by the results that I achieve and the changes that I make to my patients’ self-esteem.”

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