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Q: How do I purchase ZO® products?

ZO® products are exclusively sold through accredited and approved professional clinics. Stockists must have completed the appropriate ZO training courses with our KOL and trainers at Wigmore Medical Ltd., to stock our products. If your skin health professional does not carry a certain ZO® product you require, you can find an alternative stockist via our ZO Map Finder.

Q: Why should I stock ZO® in my clinic?

ZO Skin Health, Inc. is the most technically advanced professional skincare range currently available on the market. ZO Skin Health, Inc.’s products represent the latest advances in skin therapy technologies, unique delivery systems, bioengineered complexes and exclusive formulations.

The ZO® Difference:

  • Product Exclusivity: ZO® Skin Health and ZO® Medical products are available only through physicians’ offices and their ZO® online stores.
  • Diversion Avoidance: ZO Skin Health, Inc. enforces a strict, zero-tolerance policy on product diversion and illegal Internet sales, and utilises undetectable product coding that aids in tracing perpetrators.
  • Larger Sizes and Lower Prices: ZO® Medical products are 25-150 percent larger than comparable brands. In addition, ZO® hydroquinone products are the lowest priced product of their kind on the market. Achieves the most effective anti-ageing results and removes all types of skin diseases for all skin types
  • Training and Education: ZO Skin Health, Inc. offers in-office training, online training, seminars and webinars.
  • Marketing Support: Full digital marketing support, 24/7, free of charge.
  • Restoration Solutions: ZO® products and programs offer comprehensive and continuous skin health solutions for every skin type, gender, age and skin condition.
  • Therapeutic Solutions: Treatment programs for medical skin problems with a time-restricted treatment phase to prevent resistance and reduce complications.
  • Maintenance Programs: Non-medical products that patients can use indefinitely after the treatment phase; also daily and preventative programs for patients who do not have medical skin problems but need to keep their skin healthy, prevent premature ageing and avoid future
    skin damage.
  • Product Properties: ZO® products contain innovative ingredients that provide specific beneficial properties not found in many other skincare products on the market.

Q: Can I sell ZO® products online?

It is strictly forbidden to sell or market any ZO® Skin Health or Medical products online via a website, eCommerce platform or social media channel. Any account found doing so will be reported to ZO® USA headquarters and their account with Wigmore Medical Ltd. will be suspended indefinitely.

ZO Skin Health, Inc. enforces a strict, zero-tolerance policy on product diversion and illegal Internet sales, and utilises undetectable product coding that aids in tracing perpetrators.

Q: What is the Wigmore Medical return policy for ZO® Skin Health products?

Wigmore Medical has a money-back guarantee policy offered on all ZO® products, excluding prescription items, for products returned undamaged, unopened and returned within 3 days of order.

Please ensure the product is returned within 3 days of the order date issued on the packing slip to receive your refund (excludes shipping and handling charges).

Q: How much does it cost to attend a ZO® Skin Health UK training course?

Wigmore Medical Ltd, the exclusive UK Distributor of ZO® Skin Health, provides all active account holders with full training free of charge.

Q: Who can attend ZO® Skin Health UK training courses?

Wigmore Medical Ltd provides training for the following:

Basic & Intermediate Courses: For nurses/doctors or therapists that work for/with a doctor/nurse.

We will be organising courses for ‘therapists only’ that concentrates solely on ZO® Skin Health and not the ZO® Medical range. These courses will be limited, so training can also be run in-house by the relevant area rep. For more information regarding this please check ZO Training Course

Q: How do I apply for training?

All training dates for ZO Skin Health UK can be found at ZO Training Course page.

For more information please fill up the form below

Q: How many days of training do I need to complete to qualify for stocking the ZO® brand?

To qualify for stocking ZO® Skin Health, you are required to complete the Basic Course (1 day) and the Intermediate Course (1 day). Each day will earn an attendee a certificate and 6 CPD points.

Q: What if I have additional questions?

For further enquires, please contact: