Creating a daily skin routine

Every person struggles with different skin problems whether its oil, acne, pigmentation, rosacea or dehydrated skin. Especially for those who live in the city, the polluted air and other external environmental factors take a huge toll on the skin. So Dr Obagi has created a step-by-step guide, to help you work out and understand with your physician, exactly what your skin needs, to help you to create your perfect skincare routine.

perfect skincare routine

GSR™ Getting Skin Ready

GSR™ Getting Skin Ready is an essential foundation block to building your perfect skincare routine. To be used in conjunction with both medical and non-medical ZO® protocols.

For Normal to Oily Skin, you need to:

  1. Cleanse
  2. Scrub
  3. Oil Control

For Dry and Weak Skin, you need to:

  1. Cleanse
  2. Scrub
  3. Tone

Daily skin routine

Use Ossential® Daily Power Defense every day to:

  • Provide improved barrier function
  • Suppress skin inflammation
  • Provide DNA protection and repair

Use C-Bright™ 10% Vitamin C Serum to:

  • Help address pigmentation problems wherever they exist (use in AM)
  • Provide improved barrier function

perfect skincare routine

Provide Deep Renewal and Stimulation

ZO® offers the following products for renewal and stimulation of the skin:

General repair agents or products: Treatments that address multiple skin conditions such as disease, sensitivity, and dryness. Can only be recommended by your skin health professional.

Specific repair agents or products: Treatments that target or correct one skin condition at a time including sun-damaged skin, uneven skin tone and rough texture. Such as:

Provide Hydration and Calming

All ZO® products help suppress skin inflammation.

Defend with Sun Protection

ZO® offers the following products for sun protection: