The Most Common Beauty Myths

Beauty myths and misconceptions are repeated so often and so assuredly that it’s hard not to believe them. We’ve rounded up a few of the most common beauty myths to clear up some potentially dangerous advice.

beauty myths

Makeup Wipes are Enough to Cleanse the Skin

First off, using makeup wipes at all is a complete no-no. Wipes are far too harsh for the skin and contain chemicals which can cause more harm than good. Plus, it may look as though all the makeup, dirt and bacteria has come off but makeup wipes can only remove a superficial layer of grime. So use a proper cleanser to really penetrate the skin and cleanse it effectively.

You Don’t Need to Cleanse in the Morning

Most people believe that if they follow a good skincare routine in the evening that they don’t need to worry about the morning since nothing will have changed overnight. In fact, a lot will have changed. Just because you may be asleep doesn’t mean your skin is. Your skin produces sweat and oil throughout the night. So cleansing the skin is essential in the morning. Plus if you do not wash away the products used from the night before, any skincare products you apply in the morning won’t be able to effectively penetrate the skin, rendering them useless. So you’re wasting both your money and time.

You Only Need to Apply SPF Once in the Morning

Even if you spend the majority of your day indoors, your skin is still exposed to UV rays through windows. Plus, think about all the HEV light you’re constantly exposed to from your smartphone, tablet, laptop etc. SPF should be re-applied regularly throughout the day.

beauty myths

Skincare Products Don’t Really Expire

They absolutely do. You can also make your skincare products unusable through improper use. With products that you can dip your finger into, you need to be especially cautious as you can transfer dirt, oil, and bacteria from your fingers to the product rendering it harmful for your skin. So just wash your hands before using any products or use a clean spatula for application.

Typically, the expiration of any cosmetic, beauty or skincare product is indicated with an open jar symbol and a number in the middle. The number indicating how many months once opened you can use this product before it expires.

For the Best Results Use Products As Often as You Can

This is one of those beauty myths that can really damage your skin. Using too much of a product or applying it more often than recommended could actually irritate your skin. It could enhance whatever skin condition you’re trying to treat. For example, if you have oily skin, scrubbing your skin too often and too harsh can cause your skin to become aggravated and even more oily as a defence mechanism to protect the skin. So just follow the instructions given by the product and your skin health professional. Some rules really aren’t made to be broken.

Preservatives in Skincare Products are Bad

Preservatives have negative connotations but they are necessary to help prevent the growth of bacteria, fungi and other unwanted organisms in your products. Preservatives extend the usability of your skincare products by ensuring they stay as bacteria-free for as long as possible.