Q: How do I purchase ZO® products?

ZO® products are sold only through an accredited and approved professional clinic who has completed the ZO Training Course with our KOL and Trainer at Wigmore Medical Ltd. If your skin health professional does not carry a certain ZO® product you’re looking for, you may find an alternative stockist via our Find a ZO Practitioner map finder

Q: Do I need a Physician Code to purchase ZO® Medical products?

No, ZO® Medical products are now available for purchase without a Physician code. Please note, ZO® Medical products are multi-therapy solutions for treating a wide range of medical skin conditions. It is highly recommended that you consult with a medical professional if you have any questions or concerns about using these products.

Q: How do I purchase ZO® Medical prescription products?

ZO® Medical products that require a prescription can only be purchased through a physician. These products include MELAMIN™, MELAMIX™ and Tretinoin. To find a physician near you, please visit our Find a ZO Practitioner map finder

Tips to Enhance your ZO ® Treatment Program:

If stronger anticipated reaction occurs, use fewer pumps or decrease frequency of use. As skin becomes stronger and more tolerant, less anticipated reactions will occur.

More reaction may be anticipated around eyes, mouth, neck and chest. To reduce the reaction, use smaller amounts of product, decrease the frequency of application and apply a recommended hydration and calming product.

Application of less product will result in less anticipated skin reaction, but slower repair.

Remember: Results and comfort do not necessarily go hand-in-hand.

It takes 2-6 weeks for transformation to begin, and 5 months of daily use for maximum results.

Q: What if I have an adverse reaction to ZO® products?

Please report any adverse or serious reactions to your doctor/consultant

Q: Can anyone use ZO Skin Health?

Provided you have been assessed and consulted on your skin by a trained ZO Skin Health doctor/therapist, ZO Skin Health products are good for all skin types

Q: What type of skin condition is ZO Skin Health used for?

The ZO Skin Health range is used to address the main areas of anti aging by treating and repairing skin conditions which show signs of skin disease:

  • Acne
  • Inflamation
  • Pigmentation
  • Rosacea
  • Sun Damage

Q: How do I know which peel is the best for my skin condition and type?

We recommend getting in touch with your local clinic/doctor/dermatologist who stock ZO Skin Health and organising a time for a face to face consultation to assess your skincare needs. You can find this information by clicking here

Q: How long does it take my skin to recover from your peels?

Each peel is different and involves varying levels of downtime.

Q: What makes ZO different from other skincare brands?

ZO Skin Health uses the most advanced technology for the transfer of highly active ingredients which reawaken the skin cells deeper in the dermis.

Q: Why should I use ZO?

ZO Skin Health is the most technically advanced professional skincare range currently available. Using this range of skincare will assist you in removing skin disease and ensuring you look younger than your years. To find your local skin specialist and arrange a face to face consultation click here

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